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Board of managers

Board of managers

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تروند تدبیر

Managing Director

Mr. Engineer Bahman Dadkhah
he have graduated in the field of mechanics from mashad University and He have thirty years experience in the field of Studies and supervision on the construction and installation of hydromechanical equipment of great dams and Contracting Grade 1 Facility and He is familiar with carier / csn / asme / bs / astm / din standards
تروند تدبیر

Executive Deputy and Project Manager

Mr. Engineer. Haman Borary
he have graduated in the field of mechanics from sharif University and have been active since 1992 in the field of Design Project Management Preparation of executive plans of equipment Hydromechanics of deep dams and irrigation channels selection of hydraulic valves and power plant equipment
تروند تدبیر

Project planning and control manager

Mr. Engineer Mahmoud Saffari
he graduated from Sharif University of Tehran in Mechanical Engineering and started his career in many areas since 1991 such as project management، design and preparation of executive programs for hydromechanical equipment structures، deep dams and irrigation canals. Other activities include the following: Selection of valves for hydraulic systems and equipment of the power plant was working.
تروند تدبیر

Financial Deputy

Mr. Engineer Mehdi Dadkhah
he have graduated in the field of Accounting of East Azad University( of tehran) and Imam Mohammad Baqher University With 25 years of experiencehave been active since 1998 in the field of Accounting work /// Preparing tax statements of law offices and in Faradid Mihan 1998-2001 /// Jian Construction Company 2001-2004 /// Faradid Meehan Company 2004-2008 /// Tarvand Tadbir Co. 2008 – so far /// His skills include familiarity with financial system software, Rafa, Shaygan, and principles of strategic management, as well as advanced courses in accounting, public administration.